Pike Place Chowder 0

One of my favourite things to get in Seattle is the Clam Chowder from Pike Place Chowder. They have some of the freshest and most hearty flavourful chowders on the west coast!

There are two locations of Pike Place Chowder, one is on Post Aly, just one block up from Pike Market. The other is in Pacific Place mall, on the 4th floor. Most people only know about and go to the location in Post Aly, which makes an extremely long wait there everyday at almost all times. The other location on the other hand, is much quieter, and just a few blocks up, you can enjoy the same great chowder with practically no wait time.

They are really well known for not only their chowder, but also their crab rolls as well, which is basically a sandwich full of fresh crab meat and celery. Definitely a place I recommend if you like seafood and especially on a cold day, nothing beats a fresh bowl of clam chowder!


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