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Maru Sushi at Garrison Village in Chilliwack has done a great job in capturing the “urban sushi restaurant” and brought it to the suburbs. 

They have successfully brought a city-like sushi place to Chilliwack, adding to the culinary diversity of the growing city. For someone coming from Vancouver, most of their dishes were nothing of a surprise to me, but I think their menu has great potential to develop a a broader clientele of a more diverse demographic. Going with my mom for her birthday, I chose some of the tamer options for her unaccustomed palette.

Maru-Sushi Maru-Sushi Maru-Sushi

We started with an Ebi Sunomono Salad. This was served in a unique blue goblet that I found quite tasteful.


Following that was the assorted tempura, which were all cooked well. But we found the pieces to be cut quite large.


Next we had a Spicy Chicken Teriyaki, and a Beef Teriyaki. I found that the chicken was poorly cooked, as if it was just baked or boiled chicken and then tossed in some spicy sauce. I would have expected the chicken to be either crunchy and fried, or charred and crispy. The beef was cooked properly, but tasted overwhelmingly of pepper. There was also too much vegetables that were underseasoned and undercooked on the plate.

Maru-Sushi Maru-Sushi

The rolls I found were quite tasty and unique. The flavours weren’t overly delicate, as they were filled mainly with spicy mayo or crunchy tempura bits. But as a beginner to sushi, I think these are good to get the customers interested in trying more. We had the 6/49 Lotto Roll, with tobiko, prawn, crab and tempura flakes over a dynamite roll. The next was the Long beach roll, which was torches scallops with spicy mayo, with mango, shrimp and avocado inside. The scallop was fresh and softly charred. This was a indication it was cooked properly.

Maru-Sushi Maru-Sushi

We shared a plate of Tuna Sashimi as well that was very fresh and prepared beautifully. I think that the sushi chefs here are experts in their craft, but they have tamed down some of their dishes to fit a wider audience.

Overall the food was standard for a sushi restaurant. I found the teriyaki’s to be disappointing, but the rolls and sashimi were very nice. The service on the other hand, was quite lacking. It was almost full in the restaurant by the time we left, and there was only a woman and a younger gentleman working. It took very long to call one of them over and it was clear that they were overwhelmed with too many customers.

This is a nice place to get some fresh sushi if you’re in Chilliwack. I would return here for the rolls, but many of the items are quite high priced though.

Quality – 3.5 of 5 – Sushi was fresh, some other dishes were poorly prepared

Ingenuity – 4 of 5 – Some creative styles for rolls with good flavour

Atmosphere – 4.5 of 5 – Modern sushi restaurant that’s clean and open design

Service – 2 of 5 – They were friendly, but not able to keep up with all the customers

Value – 3 of 5 – Expensive if you compare to the city, but decent price for the product in this area

Overall – 3.4 of 5

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