Farvahar Persian Cafe 0

We found this fantastic little cafe last year when we came to Seattle last year. They make some delicious authentic Persian dishes. 

I am somewhat new to this type of cuisine, but I have thoroughly enjoyed some of the flavours and spices that are used in their food. Their pairings of sweet and spicy with a very “earthy-like” flavour make them truly unique.
We tried two dishes there so far, the first one being the Fesenjan, which is a thick, tart stew made of pomegranate and walnuts. There was slow cooked beef in it that just fell apart upon eating it. This was a really good combination of sweet tart flavours mixed with rich beef and other various spices.

The second dish was the ghormeh sabzi, which is something of a herb stew, mixed with beef in this case as well. This was very different from the Fesenjan, but also very unique in its flavour. It reminded me of a type of curry, but where the focus is more on the herbs and the richness of the stew rather than just the spice.
farvahar farvahar

Everything here so far has been fantastic! It’s a very convenient little location right on Post Aly inside the food plaza. If you are new to this type of food, its perfect to get just a small taste and sample some of their amazing authentic recipes.

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